Though we live by the US dollar…

Daily Thought

We glided through the trees down the empty emerald road, shining in sunlight, bike floating across the tarmac.

It had been one of those April days, before then, when I was going town to town on my brother’s battered old scrambler. The rains had passed leaving a rainbow glittering in the sky and I was stopping off for coffee. The bike jerked into a bay, the bike me and my brother had fixed it up specially when I was still a kid, so I knew it, knew that it worked, how it worked, loved its grimy metal bars and gasoline groan.

The stop-off was a dinky little place, shrouded in blues and browns, and simmered in the smell of fresh espresso. I picked it because it looked special, and it was. I walked in, ordered something black, and there she was, the ephemeral Hunt, sitting by the window and sipping. I went down and sat in front of her and looked into her eyes and said

“Can I get you another drink?”

and smiled.

She ordered bourbon on the rocks and laughed to herself when I didn’t flinch.

“I’m Hannah,” she said.


Check it out:

Small Lines Make Big Pictures

Daily Thought

don’t fear little flower, even the raindrops shine with dear stars


you kept me dreaming last night, and this morning I open new eyes


have you ever stopped to look at your fingers as you hold your hand like a board over the waves, shifting on the airy surf, your bones lining up in life-filled ridges, understructure dancing fluidly

when you smile, the hearth in my heart warms marshmallows for my soul, a mini me with curls and button eyes

crouched by flames that would never burn, amber filling the air

you giggle like a brook babbling over soft stone; it sends pebbles to the beach for children to skim across the pond

i remember your rumple nose and tickle; it made smiles on my pink fishes as they kissed your soul

sometimes I wriggle like my toes because you are here, and then I water when you are gone

it’s warm in my bed sandwich tonight; I am a lonely sausage, splitting and sweating in the dark oven

even the computer sneezes when it has a cold, maybe it needs lemons too


I like it when the sound touches my eyes : -)

The Inkspots

Daily Thought

I’ve been listening to them a lot recently. They’re a great band I first picked up as a kid playing Fallout. Something about them just appeals.

I reckon it’s the way they use the vocals. The two singer’s voices become instruments in themselves, singing out complimentary solos that really build the fabric of their songs.

If it’s not the voices, I’m not sure what it is. You can easily hear that the guitar changes very little between songs, and the piano – though fairly skilful – repeats a lot too. Not to put the guitar and piano down though: they’re vital to creating the song’s atmosphere.

It’s just…those voices…

I love this band because they’re so different to what I normally hear. No drums. A Spanish guitar being used like a bass, and some classical piano melodies. All sitting as a backdrop to some wily and wistful vocals.

Just…enjoy. I hope.

Am I afraid?

Daily Thought
Two things I’m scared of: death and becoming an unperson. Actually the bit that I’m scared of is probably the same. Emptiness (if death is like that – it might not be) and rejection are just not that fun.

It’s from these things that we get “just” wars, ideologies and stalkers. And marriage vows. They’re all made by people who are scared and don’t want to be. We’re all scared and don’t want to be.

I take religion and science as useful guides each, but at the end of the day, the only thing that really gives me hope and solace is people. Fuck what they believe, they’re just great to be with in themselves.

I suspect it could be nice if we all just valued eachother for our personhood and built from there.

But hey, turns out this is worryingly radical shit.

Actually this is nothing. Wait till you hear what I think about rocks.

– me

Understand stuff

Daily Thought
An evangelical bible scholar managed to get me into a bible studies session the other week. They were all trying to be friendly, but I couldn’t feel comfortable with them. And they couldn’t feel comfortable with me. The problem was, no matter how many times I tried to explain how – in a positive, happy way – our beliefs were compatible, they didn’t want to hear it. Well, the guy taking the session didn’t. He only wanted me to listen to his interpretation of biblical passages. When I gave the same interpretation, but didn’t end in “And so worship Jesus and pray to him and love him”, he just couldn’t engage.I reckon this is partly because we’re already put at opposite ends. He assumes I’m going to talk shit because I’m a self-confessed pagan/agnostic. And I assume he’s trying to recruit me into God’s army of children. We assume we can’t talk to eachother, so we just talk at eachother.Still, it’s interesting to see how compatible the texts of the major religions are with a lot of philosophy. It’s like interpreting poetry – you really can use it to mean all sorts of things. Well, it’s harder with some poems than others, though I think upward of a thousand years of religious history show that most holy books aren’t those poems.That’s not to say they’re worthless. They provide the same good advice, no matter how you look at it. The problem is what you think that advice should be taken to mean.

So, I’ve read nothing on Jihad except a few Wikipedia paragraphs and I can immediately see that “struggle in the way of God” is a good but misleading phrase.

(To be fair, anything as short as a phrase probably has to be misleading.)

I like it because I can interpret God as Truth or Perfection (and surely that’s what God is anyway, right?) and I think there is merit in that quest for Truth which we’ve all embarked upon. I don’t like it because it can be interpreted as violent struggle with other people. As well as that fine and dandy struggle with the self or with ideas.

And that’s not even proper exegesis stuff because the phrase is taken out of context. But seriously, how many people calling themselves mujahideen have taken it in context?

(I assume not many, I guess I could be wrong. I haven’t looked at the context either.)

Therefore (bringing this stream of thought to a close) I am a reconciliatory weirdo who has a massive problem with language. Just talking about Islam or Christianity or Science and claiming I can interpret any of it seems to be get at least someone really riled up. No one gets what I’m thinking. Their own thoughts and the words get in the way. Understandably. Naturally. So I’m trying to be even more co-operative and compatible, and actually understand what they’re thinking, then explain what I’m thinking in their terms. Then we can have a proper conversation.

But it’s fucking hard to do.

–  My Mission Statement 04/06/2014 “Understand stuff”

Buena Vista

Daily Thought

Hey folks,

Sorry that content’s been a bit thin on the ground lately. We’re looking for work, something which mag editors never seem to mention because they usually get paid for what they do. Well, we don’t. It’s been unexpectedly busying.

And we’ve been writing letters. I don’t know if any of you write letters. It’s a wonderful thing. Potentially very expressive, generally very relaxing. We want to treat it like an artform, adorning our letters with doodles and filling them with personality to make them glow. We’ve been enjoying catch-ups with letter-writing friends so much that we’ve temporarily forgotten about our screen based commitments. We’ll sort that out soon.

Meantime, see if there’s anyone you know who could take a letter. Who you’d think to write to and who would be happy to receive.

And if you suddenly think letters are a great idea, our current position is: deliver by hand.

– Jack and me


Hungry Ghosts

Daily Thought

“I don’t think about you anymore but, I don’t think about you anyless.”

– Hungry Ghosts song title.

Hungry Ghosts are a brilliant and relatively unknown Australian band. Their music is best listened to in a candle-filled room, between 11pm and when the morning birds start singing the sunrise.

If you search for them on youtube, the other artists who turn up on the sidebar bring you into a whole other world within the video library you used to know, like elves hiding under tree roots, found through a rare passageway. They’re not unknown, just not what you might expect. And they’re very relaxed.