INTRO: The Archive


The category “Metaphysics” is going to be a collection of coherent thoughts, many of them mine. I hope to provide copyright-free and otherwise consensual additions from others as time goes on, but initially I want a place to store everything I’ve ever considered about the world and then put into writing. Not because it should be read, but because probability favours at least one person out there wanting to read it, and their enjoying it upon reading. And that would make me feel a little bit better.

Something I do a lot: the title Metaphysics isn’t meant to specify the philosophical aspects of this section alone. I’m using it almost metaphorically – it talks in the broadest sense about the nature of existence. If I have any belief system, then what I have is based in metaphysics and epistemology: in other words, I want to establish what is True, and what we should realistically do about it. The phrases around knowledge, understanding, existing at all, seem to suit my purpose better than any other religious or philosophical language.

I believe above all in open-mindedness and change. Despite searching for absolute truth, that search has led me to believe I will never – in human language anyway – be able to express a pure truth, if I could ever even understand one. The truths are hidden in between our words, in their shared and multiple meanings, in their differing contexts. I often speak and write as though I know exactly what I’m talking about –  I can only do that because I understand nothing I say will be accurate. So I’d ask you, reader, to bare that in mind before passing judgement. More than anything else, I’m searching for answers rather than presenting them.

User note: click on the Metaphysics Masthead to get a feed of everything. Otherwise sub-categories are being regularly added and updated.

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