Garnet Fair

Poetry, Pulpit

In some of the myths Merlin is trapped in a cave or an ice cave or a block of ice by Nimue, Lady of the Lake. I wrote the following poem inspired by that tale of entrapment. As I wrote, a music like circus music was playing. It seemed to fit the bombastic theatre of poetry.

In the evening drift of fairground sounds I’m wandering
sunken mind through the caverns of your youth,
caressing those roses you sent me,
and the relentless tune of a moonlit melody rolls through
Whispered by tender lion tamers to their red coats:
A sound that softly vibrates and echoes off the dripping walls,
Riding down where the water pools around my shoes;
I hear your strained vocals, your pondering words
Slowly tumble with the tune making a refrain soft like fur.
You’re wandering through my mind as I walk:
I feel your circus heels soothing the pink stuff, a hypnotism
Swirling through my blood like blood dripping into water,
It doesn’t swirl back.
And the pool rises up the cavern, through the holes in the rock,
Suffocating crystal formations with the slow rolling music;
My feet are wet. Cold and hard and soft and supportive,
The glittering wash, the underground river, the silent spring,
Woken by this noise of songs and swan boats.
I’m feeling your heels around my feet and in my mind
Your stockings clinging to my calves,
Your corset clasping pelvis and crushing waist, pulsating gold
And hugging my chest, but,
Cooler now, like floating:
In your arms, I open my mouth –
Transfixed by garnet crystals –
Tongue goes deep.

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