The Sandwich Prelude


Crinkle-crumple package grumble
Ah yes, you’re untangling the edible
Brown breaded feast from its freezing
Plastic bedclothes. Rising food to strangle
Hunger pressing, and nourish a certain saliva
Lust sweating beyond pink gums.

I enjoy watching you eat, not
Perverted though: I only take small
Glances at your lavish tongue, imagining
Rich white teeth tearing soft sandwich
Flesh. Lubricating bacon bits to devour.
The tenderness of your eating humbles

My sanctified mind as it asks a question
Whether to hush your finery, wasting
Divinity in satisfaction, for the pleasure
Of the other watchers who glare loudly
At the screen, imprinted “Silence for
the holy movie fiction to feed.”

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