Meeting Dylan Thomas


I’ve been introduced to Dylan and
I am enamoured
My heart pulled and sandwiched fresh-ready
To feed innumerate breathless ring
Around the pit of intestine squalling like that grand swaddling babe
Sucking desire suckling the ink from that pen of his teething dripping restless
Continual dark serenade.

“Hello” he said
And bowed and grinned solar
Magnificence if a little and irate in the empty back of the room echoing
He pours his cola into a plant and reveals a concealed flask in my pocket engraved
Dark Times
Dank Tents
Dreadful Thermidor
Dull Twitch
Dung Tread
Derivative Tributaries and Dangling Trousers
Downey Thighs
Dirk Thrust
Daring Talk
Dangerous Thanks
Deliberate Traitor
Due Trail
To infinities and says he “Dylan Thomas!”
The height of personhood and spirituality.

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