Achilles on the Heel


Maybe you’re gone
But my heart is still stuck to your stiletto
Like gum.
With you every night out
Looking up your dress
Watching if you weep with pleasure
Knowing what it is for you to undress
On a foreign floor
Listening to the bed springs those nights;
Concealed under the table
At convivial dinners
Pushed from the talk.
A nothing that abides
Sucking on to you
The gum is attached to me
Pink and damp
Pulsing occasionally as stabbed.
If I had any want left,
I’d want the arrogant gum cut
As much as you.
It stole everything
Took the saliva of my soul
Just to drink the dirt.
Pull it off with your tender fingers
Or throw the stiletto.
Drive away and throw it into the night.

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