Quest for Threads


You know back in olden times I’m pretty sure you could get a decent suit tailored for…what? Less than £800 of our modern money. Why not now? I mean I know there are websites that claim to custom make suits based on what you tell them, and they’re based all over the world. But I’m not entirely convinced. Not too bad a deal. Not a tailor near home I can chat to and get to know though. Not the service that used to be and, yes, has run heart in hand to people with more money than…well, maybe dress sense.

Folks, call me crazy but I think there’s still a good tailor out there. One who could make up something nice for, let’s say £600. Make it a challenge. I want to go out and find this person. I’m going to scour London town, then spread out into the sticks if I have to, but this person will be found. And we will all be able to make use of his/her fine services in having two beautiful suits made for what probably would’ve been the price of one.

As I head out on this task however, I’m not going to step on the toes of sweet tailoring folk just trying to make a living. If I can, I’ll write up a detailed and good review for every one I pass, which, until I find THE ONE, will conclude with “But their prices are still pretty steep.” The rest is good honest advertising. Another thing you don’t see every day. I’ll also compose some tailoring tips if I can. Now, don’t go thinking I’m buying a suit from every one of them. I’m not that flush. But I’ll investigate and get answers.

Check out the first post in this chain for the beginning: Favourbrook. The people who did me a three-piece white suit for a birthday a while back.

Edit: Also, definitely going to look for anyone who tailors for women. I know that exists but I hear about it even less than tailoring for men. Stay tuned.

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