Small Lines Make Big Pictures

Daily Thought

don’t fear little flower, even the raindrops shine with dear stars


you kept me dreaming last night, and this morning I open new eyes


have you ever stopped to look at your fingers as you hold your hand like a board over the waves, shifting on the airy surf, your bones lining up in life-filled ridges, understructure dancing fluidly

when you smile, the hearth in my heart warms marshmallows for my soul, a mini me with curls and button eyes

crouched by flames that would never burn, amber filling the air

you giggle like a brook babbling over soft stone; it sends pebbles to the beach for children to skim across the pond

iĀ remember your rumple nose and tickle; it made smiles on my pink fishes as they kissed your soul

sometimes I wriggle like my toes because you are here, and then I water when you are gone

it’s warm in my bed sandwich tonight; I am a lonely sausage, splitting and sweating in the dark oven

even the computer sneezes when it has a cold, maybe it needs lemons too


I like it when the sound touches my eyes : -)

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