The Inkspots

Daily Thought

I’ve been listening to them a lot recently. They’re a great band I first picked up as a kid playing Fallout. Something about them just appeals.

I reckon it’s the way they use the vocals. The two singer’s voices become instruments in themselves, singing out complimentary solos that really build the fabric of their songs.

If it’s not the voices, I’m not sure what it is. You can easily hear that the guitar changes very little between songs, and the piano – though fairly skilful – repeats a lot too. Not to put the guitar and piano down though: they’re vital to creating the song’s atmosphere.

It’s just…those voices…

I love this band because they’re so different to what I normally hear. No drums. A Spanish guitar being used like a bass, and some classical piano melodies. All sitting as a backdrop to some wily and wistful vocals.

Just…enjoy. I hope.

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