Buena Vista

Daily Thought

Hey folks,

Sorry that content’s been a bit thin on the ground lately. We’re looking for work, something which mag editors never seem to mention because they usually get paid for what they do. Well, we don’t. It’s been unexpectedly busying.

And we’ve been writing letters. I don’t know if any of you write letters. It’s a wonderful thing. Potentially very expressive, generally very relaxing. We want to treat it like an artform, adorning our letters with doodles and filling them with personality to make them glow. We’ve been enjoying catch-ups with letter-writing friends so much that we’ve temporarily forgotten about our screen based commitments. We’ll sort that out soon.

Meantime, see if there’s anyone you know who could take a letter. Who you’d think to write to and who would be happy to receive.

And if you suddenly think letters are a great idea, our current position is: deliver by hand.

– Jack and me


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