Us: Creative Freaks


Some people would call us hipsters, some poets, some rakehells, hippies, scroungers. But no, there are people out there who are just creative freaks. Whatever people want us to be, we find a way of falling into our own thing.

We want to communicate to the world with stories and conversations and magic things like pictures of the sunset over a warzone, or a video of a plastic bag floating in the autumn wind (if you’ve seen American Beauty). We understand but we’re often intimidated by the harsh and defined world of graphs and forumlas. It doesn’t feel foreign to us, it feels like chains or orders. We’re people who really don’t like that.

If we want to communicate something to you, we will try to tailor a story to you, as best as we can, on the spot. It won’t always turn out that well, we won’t always tell it like we want to. But that doesn’t matter.

A story can be interpreted in many ways by many people. It is open and it is only threatening if you make it so. With most stories, the reader has this control of interpretation, and so this freedom. This is why one of my favourite stories is the Great Gatsby: there’s so much to that book you can fill in yourself. Is Nick gay? Is Gatsby bumped-off by Wolfsheim? Is Daisy an innocent little girl? Opposite of each of those? You decide.

This is why we want to communicate in tailored stories. We want to get to know you, so we know how you will interpret our story, and then we tell you the story that you will interpret into what we’re trying to say.

It’s a bit like Inception.

And this is why we’re creative freaks. We really don’t like the folk who want to tell you how to live your lives, even though we used to be among them. We want to help you reach your own answers, not the ones we set out before you. We want to pass on ideas, little germs of seeds, some small building blocks, so that you can grow them into tall trees of your own design. Heck, they could be purple, breathe methane and produce pineapples, we don’t mind. As long as it makes sense to you.

This is who we are. This is what we live for. We are magicians, story-tellers and fools. And the people who deal in their version of things and nothing else absolutely hate us, because we accept what they have to say but refuse to believe it.

We want to be free and we think you might want some freedom like that too. We hope.

But we’ll keep spinning our stories either way, for your fun, if for nothing else.

Stay happy x

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