Struck Down by Pestilence

Daily Thought

Sorry about the lack of posting folks. We really want to be hammering out some lovely stuff daily but Jack and me have fallen a bit ill. So we decided to take God’s offer of a Sunday (oh yeah and a Saturday) as a day of rest. Even if we don’t believe in God it’s pretty handy to have some time off when you’re down.

Should be able to catch up a little tomorrow. We’re thinking some stuff themed around Charlotte Perkins Gilman and any feminist bookshop we might know, and a good friend told us to look into someone called Montaigne. Maybe we’ll get the life story of Arthur from Lithuania too : – )

Keep an eye out as the week goes on.

We’ll sign off with a quote we rather like. A simple one from JS Mill, an old friend:

“There is always hope when people are forced to examine both sides.”

If only he didn’t have to say forced. Choose would’ve been nicer.


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