I can learn? I can teach?

Daily Thought

A word block worth reading through:

“In 1956 there arose a need to teach Spanish quickly to several hundred teachers, social workers, and ministers from New York Archdiocese so that they could communicate with Puerto Ricans. My friend Gerry Morris announced over a Spanish radio station that he needed native speakers from Harlem. Next day some two hundred teenagers lined up in front of his office, and he selected four dozen of them – many of them school dropouts. He trained them in the use of the US Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Spanish manual, designed for use by linguists with graduate training, and within a week his teachers were on their own – each in charge of four New Yorkers who wanted to speak the language. Within six months the mission was accomplished. Cardinal Spellman could claim that he had 127 parishes in which at least three staff members could communicate in Spanish. No school programme could have matched these results.”

– Ivan Illich (not a Marxist) in Deschooling Society, first published in Britain 1971.

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